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Sarahawks - End of Season Camp out

posted Oct 21, 2014, 3:34 PM by Auskick SaraHawks
What an excellent way to unwind at the end of the season. The end of year camp out was a huge success. 

Big thanks to Pete Barr for his inspiration and organisation. An equal thanks to all the parents and kids that attended - it was an impressive display of club spirit and comradery.

Pete and Leigh's pool antics were a big hit with the kids. Victory goes to the coaches in the whirlpool challenge. One coach even managed to totally soak another camper - oops, it really was accidental 

Bob and Ryan's mud crab won the fishing title just ahead of Chris, Rod and the 20 odd kids Rod managed to take fishing. One kid even jagged the world's smallest fish. Alexia (at 4) won the biggest Brim of the day (her 1st). P.s. Rod and Spencer those eel tailed catfish are terrible!

Scot's damper cooking advice and the communal BBQ / gazebo set up rocked. Have to also mention cricket, the world's shortest bouche game, bushwalking, the camp fire(s) and kids just having fun exploring and playing. I was really proud of their behaviour attitude and effortless inclusiveness in everything they did. 

Now to the "where's Wally Challenge" ..... find the pres in the whole of camp photo. I know Phil was camping, but is he in the group photo?

For any families who missed out this year, I highly recommend the pre-season Camp out in Feb 2015. Well done all involved!

If anyone has further snapshots or funny stories from the w/e camp out please send them through