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Auskick Action 25th May

posted May 25, 2014, 12:22 AM by Auskick SaraHawks
Another good week at Auskick this week.

We tried a number of new exercises today to teach the kids a little more about team work and accuracy. 

Next week will be back to our Auskick best, but we will continue to seed these into training over the rest of season and were really proud of the kids for trying to learn more about passing to their team mates.

The game skills are improving greatly. This week we tried playing 2 balls and from much of the feedback it seemed to work well, although we will make sure to get the parents in each third to help ensure the play runs smoothly.

Was really hard to pick the awards this week as we debated about 3-4 possible candidates. It was a massive torpedo from Charli G that won here player of the week and Rod and I were super impressed with the way Oliver Z’s kicking throughout the whole session.