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Alpine Auskick - 29th June

posted Jun 29, 2014, 11:05 PM by Auskick SaraHawks
It was a cold a windy morning at the Hawks nest this week for the last Auskick before the holiday break.

The kids warmed up with Rod, playing tag and going for a ball bouncing run, while icicle started forming on a few of the parents in the outer.

The kids hand balling skills were truly on display this week and not just in the skills session, but in the game as well. I thought we were at a swans game at one point as handballs to team mates created space and some fabulous passages of play. 

Even the parents got to warm up this week as they quickly joined the game with a huge specky from Sonja winning her mark of the day for the parents. 

Not to be out gunned the kids ran circles around the adults with the coaches award going to Ryan J for what I’m pretty sure was a left foot drive up the wing. There was one stand out in the backline and midfield though, Charlotte M set up two great plays with her handballs, at least 3 kicks to team mates and her gutsy efforts attacking the ball gave her player of the day.

A quick Bull Rush to finish off topped off what was an awesome morning off Footy. Well Done SaraHawks Auskick!

Coaches Award: Ryan J
Players Award: Charlotte Morris