2006 - 2008


Season 2006 we maintain our numbers across the club, while expanding into a United team for the Under 16’s,as we only had 4 players in this age group. The United team is made up of kids from Peninsular Swans, Northlakes Power and Saratoga. We have 22 in the Under 10’s, 12 in the 12’s and 17 in the 14’s. Also, we get proper posts, after vandals shortened ours last year!

Dave Crawford again takes Auskick with a much reduced number, but still with a fantastic attitude and desire for FUN! The Under 10’s again are ably taken by John Anderson with Michael Lamm helping out as his Manager – even though this is a non-comp and we don’t score the games, they were undefeated in the end of Season Chairmans Challenge (sound of chest thumping proudness here). The 12’s again were taken by Mark Kentwell, with numbers at a premium, we had to rely on Under 10’s playing up each week to ensure we had a game – we tried everything to get new kids involved, but to no avail. This being said, however, they we more than competitive and their spirit and love of the game is to be honoured and admired.

The Under 14’s – the mighty Under 14’s – ably coached by Rob Dixon ended the Season 3rd on the ladder and beat Gosford to record our first ever Finals win.

Unfortunately the next week, the boys were narrowly defeated by Killarney Vale in the Preliminary final and if it were not for five of our charges being out on their feet with the flu… well, we cant change history. Of special note is Rob Dixon through this year – he brought a level of professionalism to the club and the boys that we were crying out for and he had to do this through a very tough time from his previous club. You see, Rob Dixon started the Terrigal-Avoca club and it was seen by some at that club that he was a “traitor” in helping us out – sad, isn’t it!

Our notable inclusions this year were: Jake “Hollywood” Castelnouvo, Christian Bathie, Nick Langthorne, Andy Hodgson, Ryan “Coggo” Coughlan, Dexter Bamford, Pete “Plugger” Redman, Jacob “Flash” Downey, the Wards, the Yorkies, Mitch Lord and Harrison Doyle.

The United Under 16’s team coached proudly by Tony Kibler of Northlakes and ably assisted by John Manners in what was to be his first “apprentice” year made it to 4th on the ladder and snagged their first Finals win!

We had a club of 69, with some 15 in Auskick, this leaves 50-odd available for selection in reps – we provided to the CCJAFL 20 kids! Not satisfied with this, Ethan Lenson is awarded Most Consistent in the Under 16’s competition, Alex Havet again is chosen to go to the Swans Academy as well as winning the Under 14’s League Fairest & Best – not bad at all!

The Hawk Award this year goes to Hayden’s mum Karyn Lenson and the Clubman Award goes to John Anderson. This year also sees the introduction of the Junior Clubperson Award and the inaugural winner of this award is Max Mumford – not for his (obvious) on-field prowess, but for his assistance around the club at training and on game days – embodying the philosophy of the club at all times: HAVE FUN!


We grow to 77 kids! Mark Kentwell goes back to his “first love” and runs the Auskickers again. We may have only had 10 kids, but they had the most fun on the coast! Miles Guthmann stepped up this year to take care of the Under 10’s, as John Anderson moved up to the Under 12’s and Dave Crawford returned to coach the Under 14’s.

Under 16’s again were a United effort with Penisluar Swans, Northalkes and our boys, with the same coaching team, albeit much more in control. Wayne & Kerry Hancock kindly purchased a United Guernsey for the boys and they were resplendent in green!

We now introduce the Gold shirts for the kids with the simple “Sara Hawks” logo on the front – they are a hit with both the kids and the parents! 

Our notable inclusions this year are: Braydon Andrews, the Fairchilds, Lachlan Faulder, the “last” Guthmann (Brandon or George), Rob Lavery, Jake Mantoszko, Joe Mee, Karl Power, Ben Tate and Alex Yuile.

Once again, our kids showed true skill in providing 20 players to the representative mix for the Central Coast, a further 5 to Northern Heat and Alex Havet was again invited to the Swans Academy for a record third year! Not happy with that, Max Mumford won the Central Coasts Fairest & Best and Alex Havet was runner-up in the 16’s – not bad for a kid only really an Under 15 – further to that, he was beaten by the kid taken on as an Apprentice to Essendon and the kid Apprenticed to the Swans didn’t even rate a vote!

The Hawk awards go to Brett Bathie, Robyn Havet & John Owens, while the Junior Clubperson goes to Mitch “Legs” Guthmann and the Senior Clubperson goes to David Langthorne.


We stand alone in the Under 16’s with 22 regular players in the team, no bad when we started the season with only 16! We have now grown to over 90 kids with strong numbers in 12’s & 16’s. Unlike many, we saw that having over 30 kids in Under 12’s meant we had to field two teams to ensure the kids all got an even break and the maximum game time – to this we have created the Brown & the Golds – the Brown team is mainly the Under 12’s from Season 2007, who were mainly Under 11’s then and the Golds are the newer kids to the club, with a few kids from last year that preferred to be with their mates. It is important to all that these teams have not been selected on skill, but on compatibility and friendship, we are after all the club that walks the walk when it comes to FUN being the object of Junior sport!

We finally have our own Web presence with www.sarahawks.org.au coming into being, for many years we were hosted under the KnW Solutions website and telling people of our web presence was a bit of a mouthful, so we now have a home page worthy of our kids!