2002 - 2005


The 1st  official committee was formed including Mark Kentwell - President, Tracy Kentwell - Treasurer, Dave Crawford – Auskick Manager, Miles Guthmann – Football Manager, Cathy Hunter - Marketing.  1st off - The new clubhouse and canteen facility were to be built!  

Our 1st Black and gold Hawks strip was donated to us by the AFL. Season 2002 also saw an interesting mix of two new clubs, being ourselves and Niagara Park. We combined our kids to create an Under 11’s team – coached by Mark Kentwell and an Under 12’s team coached by Doug Studdert of Niagara Park.

Notable additions to the club were: the Hunters, the Wilsons, the Reibels and Scott Cairns.

Our numbers hovered around that elusive 42 mark.


2003 Saratoga Hawks put together independent teams in Under 10’s & 12’s,

We had over 50 kids and a growing Auskick centre!

Saratogas 1st first home game with clubhouse/changerooms/canteen facility and a real scoreboard (thanks Jorben Greenvale Contructions).

Rod Taylor becomes the clubs first accredited umpire & is honoured at presentation day with some “special” umpiring glasses – dutifully painted with blackout paint by the President!

The Clubman of the Year award is struck for the first year and it is presented to the President, Mark Kentwell!  The Hawk Award is also struck for the first year and Goal Umpire, Chef & general dogs body Phil "Beanie" Mumford is the first recipient.

John Anderson, together with Steve Williams & Darren Rodway looked after our Auskickers, while Dave Crawford coached the Under 10’s and Mark Kentwell looked after the Under 12’s.

Our notable additions this year were: Lachlan Bell, the Martins, the Hawkins, the Fullers and Alex “Mr H” Havet joined us half way through the year.


Season 2004 is when records and memory start to merge, as we put in our own Under 14’s team under the able tutelage of Matt Hawkins. This year our committee is comprised of: Mark Kentwell – President, Tracy Kentwell – Treasurer, Miles Guthmann – Football Manager, Dave Crawford – Marketing, Chris Cantrill – Secretary, Mal Crosland – CCJAFL Rep, John Anderson & Darren Rodway – Auskick Manager, Cathy Wilson – Ground Manager & Joshua Hunter – Players representative. Chris & Kim Cantrill also provided much needed umpiring for both our club and the League in general – much appreciated!

This year sees 18 kids in Auskick, with Ando, Darren & Linda Marin ably looking after the kids & having a great time, it also sees the Under 10’s flourish under Dave Crawford and the 12’s Mark Kentwell. We also introduce the concept that if you receive the Player of the Week award, then your parent has to sit in goals the next week – this relieves many as “the usual suspects” can now watch their kids more often than not. Also attached with the Player of the Week award is the duty of washing the Guernseys – each player is informed that it is their duty to wash them, not Mum or Dad’s – another hit with the parents!

In what was to prove a financially disastrous offer, the President declared that if we had a win during the year, then the whole club would be taken on a special treat, courtesy of the aforementioned President. Well, true to form, the Under 12’s came up with the first club win and Mark took the whole club to a specialscreening of Shrek at Kincumber Cinema –a treat for all and still a financial bone of contention with “the missus”.

Not content with one win, our Under 12’s went through to the finals and in what still remains as the best ever quarter of football for this young club the kids were 6 goals down going into the last quarter and looking to go out without even a whimper in our first ever final. In what has been described as the most inspiring team talk since John Kennedy Snr’s “chat to the boys” before Hawthorns Grand Final meeting with North Melbourne, Mark implored his charges to show what they were made of, to show that having fun and enjoying the game, as well as displaying your skills was the only thing to happen over the next 15 minutes.  

Well, the rest is history, as they say, the kids all dug deep and played like true veterans as they dominated Killarney Vale at Rogers Park and came within three points of winning the final! Now, dear reader, it is rare that a loss is lauded as something to aspire to, however, as we all know in the true Australian Spirit of the ANZACS, we admire courage, tenacity and all round effort in the face of adversity. While the kids weren’t exactly dodging bullets, they were showing just what could be accomplished with belief! The feeling around the ground is best demonstrated by an SMS sent to Mark from Miles after the game – it reads simply: “Semi-finals, 4th place just by having fun. Top job!”. I think it is just this spirit that defines this young club. We have never, and hope never to, have an attitude of “win at all cost”, our preference is to let the kids be kids and enjoy their sport… its juts a pity that we are in the minority! If you disagree with this statement, then please look to what you are doing with your kids and ask are you trying to relive your youth, or allow your kids to have theirs… I think we all know what the answer in your heart of hearts will be.

We also see the Hawk award presented to Tracy Kentwell and Jackie Cairns for their brilliant work in the canteen throughout the year with Miles Guthmann picking up the Clubman of the Year award with all his work as Football Manager finally going rewarded! The presentation was held at the Kincumba Mountain lookout and included our first Kids vs. Parents melee (or should that read game?). This also was the beginning of the end of season video collage that is proving popular with all and allowing us to provide a video history of our club into the bargain.

This year brings the following notables to the Hawks Nest: Ben “Dozer” Higgon, Josh Price, Ben Manners, Jesse Hancock, the Bourkes, Mitchell Lamm, James Jarrett, Jarrad Warren, Brett Small, Mitch Fyfe-Smith, the Stubbs family, Tom “GBH” Castelnuovo, Lloyd Rand, Samantha Kentwell, Ari & Ayden Havet and Jacob Crosland – yes, this was a BIG year, we are now up to 60 kids!


Season 2005 sees Auskick run by Dave Crawford, swapping his duties with John Anderson who takes charge of the Under 10’s. Mark Kentwell again coaches the Under 12’s and Matt Hawkins returns for the 14’s. We now have 21 in Auskick, 14 in the Under 10’s, 16 in the 12’s and 18 in the 14’s – a total of 69 kids!

Due to Dave now running Auskick, he thinks he isn’t doing enough, so also steps up as an Umpire!

Our notable additions this year are: the Montgomery’s, the Pikes, Patrick Kidd, Robby Birchall, Hayden Churchill, Brett Hevers, Brad Guthmann and Ethan Lenson. Ethan came to us in the middle of the season direct from Rugby League and in his first game was penalised for every “Rugby” infraction. It is most notable, however, that eh only transgressed once and eared himself 2 Umpire votes for the Best & Fairest in this match!

We introduce the now infamous (Miles loves them) Gold polo shirts for the Committee and Coaches so that they can be instantly recognised and seen from across the planet – further, we also introduce the kids Grey t-shirts to start demonstrating team presence before “kitting up”.

This is the year that the Swans win the flag – oh, what a year! It is also the first time Auskickers from around the country are taken to the Grand Final and present the medallions to the winning team, as well as play on the MCG in the half-time break. Lindsay Pike won this opportunity in a lottery for the Central Coast and handled himself with aplomb and gave Ben Matthews his medallion! Just quietly, the lineup to be called Lindsay’s father reached around the block – much to Brian’s dismay. Brian, by the way, loved the trip!

We also see the emergence of some of the real talent involved in our club as we provided 14 reps to the Central Coast, Alex Havet wins best Mid-Fielder in the nder 13’s Talented Player Programme and is taken to the inaugural AFL Swans Academy, Under 10’s Coach of the Year goes to John Anderson and we placed 2nd in the Club Championship for the CCJAFL.

John Hooper takes the Hawks award this year for and Dave Crawford gets the gong as Clubman of the Year. It also is the start of our Presentation Days being held at Davistown RSL!