1999 - 2001

Pre-History 1999

The Sarahawks history begins with a dad called Mark Kentwell, his son Alex (at the time a registered player at Terrigal) and a vision to get Saratoga kids benefiting from an amazing Auskick sports programme and to play the greatest game in Australia – AFL!

At the time all Saratoga players had to go to Terrigal Auskick. It was not long before they had set up a Terrigal Auskick group in Saratoga itself.

Amongst the kids in that first years intake were Alex Kentwell, Mitch Guthmann, Mitch Crosland, Alex Tomlin, Blake Brissett, Liana Towgood and Blake Kelly (in fact there were a total of 15 that year).

Pre-History 2000

2000 saw a permanent move to Saratoga Oval, increasing Auskick to 20 kids. Terrigal seemed to lose interest in us, with nobody coming down to the sessions and the kids wondering what & who Terrigal were.

Parents and kids alike were starting to murmur about a lack of identity. Amongst the notable (and memorable) additions to the crew were: The Crawfords, the Taylors and the Rankins.

2001 - A tradition begins: No politics & all for FUN!

Prior to the season start, Mark received a call from the CCJAFL, about a new Under 10’s non-comp. They wanted Saratoga to form a club and put in an Under 10’s team.
Knowing that this was what the parents and kids were after, the club was duly formed, with our headquarters at the beautiful Saratoga Oval.
Now, for some “odd” reason, the one-eyed Hawthorn supporter that was Mark, decided in an executive decision that the Saratoga team should be known as the Hawks and take on the Hawthorn strip! That first year all was run by an enthusiastic Mark and a reluctant Tracy Kentwell (as treasurer).

This year saw the introduction of the Andersons, the Cantrills, Jay MacDonald, the Mumfords, Nick Ramsden, the Rodways, the Williams’ and Liam Townsend.
Dave Crawford took on the mantle as the 1st Sratoga Hawks Auskick coordinator and Mark Kentwell coached the Under 10’s. We now  had 45 kids!

The first team comprised:

Ben & Matt Taylor, Alex Tomlin, Heather & Tom Rankin, Alex Kentwell, Nick Ramsden, Max Mumford, Blake Brissett, Nick Merritt, Mitch Crosland and Mitch Guthmann.

$80 got us our 1st strip (thanks Killarney Vale). It was a copy of the old Brisbane Bears strip, which the kids wore with pride.

The end of 2001, saw our first ever Presentation, with every kid receiving a trophy and a polo t-shirt commemorating our foundation year.